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You can click to feed the fishes or the hamster *g*. And if you click on the wheel the hamster will run and run and run and run and really, what's more fun than that?
03 October 2010 @ 05:18 pm
September 18, 2010

When I started jotting down my thoughts sometime last spring (ish?), I never actually intended to, you know, actually update regularly and continuously. At least, that's what I'm telling myself right now in an attempt to rationalize my multi-week lack of posts. (I'm really, really good at rationalizing laziness. Ask my profs). Oh wait! It could be the insanity of school and stuff and you know, all that work that I've totally, totally been doing. All the time. Every day. Or it could be...that other thing, too. You know. The thing, with the stuff?

See? I have lots of reasons.

Reasons that I am hiding under hereCollapse )

13 September 2010 @ 06:46 pm
Once again, the ridiculous amount of stuff I've been doing has prevented me from writing about the ridiculous amount of stuff I've been doing, leading to an internal conflict over what stuff is super important enough to actually write about (none of it), and what I should leave out (probably all of it).

So first, here's some colourful paper confetti stuff that is much more interesting than my inane ramblings.

July 26, 2010

Anyway, if you're done with that, my rambles continue below.

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05 September 2010 @ 10:28 pm
This summer I have driven thousands and thousands of kilometers. I have gone out into the wild and deep into cities. I have driven on highways and side-roads and dirt paths. Along the way, I rigged up a super special apparatus to document my journeys. It's called a plank of wood shoved between the seats and a remote shutter. These are what came of it - pictures from the driver's seat of a beat-up Ford Escort.
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All photos are from my Flickr, or my other Flickr
August 26, 2010
Early mornings on the road - brutal but beautiful

So, summer. That happened.

- Today I turned in my oversized uniform and my hilariously unprofessional bucket hat. I gave back my nametag and super secret card that let me into roughly 485738263568 tourist attractions in my area. I said goodbye to the Tapirs and had my last few moments with the Lions. I realized that I will probably never work anywhere nearly as awesome as the zoo, and am seriously starting to consider making roughly enough money to live in a cardboard box because being a zookeeper, even a just sometimes sort of fake zookeeper? Is freakin' awesome. Highlights? Too many to recall. In the last two days alone my coworker came up to me and asked if I wanted any meat for my "Dee-Hole" (that would be the Dhole, pronounced "Dole") and my other coworker, after months of struggling, gave up and accepted a nametag that read "Wlll" (That's capital w, capital i, lowercase l, lowercase l, in case you were wondering). I can't imagine another workplace quite like it.  Like Will (or Wlll, I guess) so eloquently and not at all poorly put it, a workplace is different when you've been sleeping with everyone all summer. In tents. Or something. I quit.

- In less depressing news, I am gearing up to move back to school shortly (as in, a few days holy shit I'm not going to be packed shortly). I am a nerd, and am therefore incredibly and unbearably excited. My courseload for this semester is actually pretty okay looking, and unlike last semester I do not think I will constantly be overtaken by the urge to smash my head into walls.

Microbiology and Zoology both seem very doable and interesting, though I have heard scary, scary things about micro. The only thing I dislike is that the lab portion is separate from the lecture, which means my finals are worth more and I have more of them. Ew. Mostly I am trying to plug my ears and shout LALALALA so I don't form any pre-conceived notions about what I'm getting into. Anyway, Zoology is fun, so....shhhh.

Chem seems simple. Just more of the same. Oh chemistry, how I love thee. It's not even organic (yet)! Whoooooo. If I do not own this, I should probably stop trying to be a science student.

I have little to no idea what Scientific Calculations Laboratory entails, but I do know it takes up like five hours every freakin' Friday afternoon/evening, and also that it's mandatory.  Damnit.

And last but not least, Intro to Rec & Leisure. Now, I know there are people out there who take a degree in this, and I am sure the upper year courses get way more involved and difficult and whatever, and I don't mean to demean their choice of study. I might be a science student, but I know arts can be srs business - the English course I took last semester proved that to me (never. again). But seriously. The final from last year was all about camping. If I do not own this, I should probably stop trying to be a student. Or a functional human being.

On the whole, way lighter than last semester, in content if not in hours (whooooooo for 27 hrs of class a week! One more hour than last semester). I am excite. And a loser. But mostly excite.

- Lastly, but certainly not least(ly), I'm struggling to choose between two barns near my school. After driving roughly 1000km in the past, oh, three days or so (not even kidding), I've finally narrowed it down to two. One is super quiet and relaxed, very small number of riders, incredibly friendly, but further and more expensive. The other is half the distance, almost $100 cheaper a month, but has roughly half the earth's population as its clientele and has basically only 'A' show riders (the national circuit - read: high potential for snobbery).

Sigh. Decisions, decisions. I have....three whole days to decide! Great! (Shit). I need to kidnap a future seer person. Or I guess I could just buy one of those magic eight balls. Either should work.
21 August 2010 @ 05:01 pm
I've had a couple requests for an overview of what went down at the con, so I obliged with this very long and rambly post. You're welcome!

This is the story of how a two-and-a-half day convention turned into a five day one.Collapse )
20 August 2010 @ 05:43 pm
I spent nine summers of my life at this one particular camp. That’s half of all the summers I’ve had in my lifetime, right there, spent on that tiny island in the middle of a lake nobody’s ever heard of. Nine summers of swamped canoes and bushwhacking and tribal spirit and john buddies and endless portages. Nine summers of dump runs and kiss the kayak and stargazing and popsicle sticks at evening program. Nine summers of joy and friendship on an island where laughter came as easily as breathing.

These past few weeks have been pure insanity, a whirlwind of work-friends-school-exam-frustration-anger-joy. My exam for my summer course was on Wednesday, so as a 'way to be, champ!' pat on the back to myself I figured I would drive four hours north to surprise my camp people. Some of these girls I hadn't seen in a long time, considering I'd lived with them in a tent for a month each year from age 6 to age 16. I needed to relax and to just let the road roll out under me - and this drive was perfect (the directions? Get to the highway. Drive for 4 hours.) I needed to be out somewhere where I wasn't surrounded by concrete and high-rises and people in a hurry. I needed to steal some of that after-camp glow and be surrounded by people who were just happy. Camp always did that for me. It still does it for me. Everywhere I went on that island I was greeted by joy and hugs and smiles and laughter. It's an incredibly positive place to be - and you don't realize it until you spend time in a workplace that's not. You don't realize how lucky you are. You don't realize how much you've missed it 'till you go back and the girl who you were best friends forever with when you were eight years old looks at you with a smile and tells you she has no idea how camp functions without you around. How she functions without you around.

Camp has always given kids freedom to laugh at themselves. I find that many people try to cover up their mistakes in embarrassment, mortified that they are less than perfect. Now, I am not a stupid person, but I am a preoccupied one. I am often too busy thinking or talking or enjoying myself to pay close attention to simple tasks. Sometimes I do things like throw my keys into my hummus into the garbage or spill ice cream down my top or walk into doors. I love telling those stories. I revel in them - in making people laugh. Camp gave that to me. So I'm going to tell you my story from yesterday of me just not paying attention. Even a little bit. At all.

So after a (far too brief) visit to camp, I went with one of my friends (who had a half-day off) to town. After a lovely evening, we hopped in my car to head back to the island. I popped the key into the ignition, turned off the emergency break, threw it into drive, took my foot off the break, and......does anyone out there see what step I missed? It's a crucial one in making a car go. It's called actually turning on the car. Of course, I realized it in about three seconds, but by that time both my passenger and I were laughing hysterically and uncontrollably and both needed a (lot of) moment(s) to calm down before we could safely drive. The drive back was punctuated by occasional helpless fits of laughter, because, hell, it was funny. It was probably one of the stupidest things I've done, but instead of being that moment I will always remember with horror, it's a fond memory and a story I can tell. How could I ever forget a place that gave me that?
If you haven't seen it yet, RCW 139: Duesers' day off (that would be the one that just ended) got a shout-out in the National Post (one of Canada's papers). It describes a few events from the con and has a couple of quotes from the panels as well. You can read the article here.
T = Tom Melissis = Dewey
TC = Tony Craig = Huey
CS = Camilla Scott = Meg Thatcher
CB = Catherine Bruhier = Elaine
R = Ramona Milano = Francesca

This is nowhere close to a direct transcription of the panel - just notes that I managed to jot down! I'm pretty sure tons of people filmed it, so when they post their videos I can transcribe those :). For now, hopefully this is okay!

My report under the cut!Collapse )